• Are you a yoga practitioner and have some experiences you want to share with other practitioners of yoga?
  • There are some results obtained by you, as a result of exercises of meditation?
  • There are various effects observed following pranayama exercises?
  • Do you suffer from some diseases that have been corrected or improved by practicing asanas and breathing exercises?
  • You had suffered injuries during practice and want to share it with other practitioners to avoid the same mistakes?
  • There are texts and treaties yoga practice and philosophy that you have studied and want to comment?
  • Do you want yoga online community?
Then all you have to do, is to send:
  • photos of you running various asanas,
  • descriptions of execution,
  • difficulties encountered,
  • mistakes,
  • successful,
  • particular ways of execution,
  • results in practice breathing techniques,
  • concentration and meditation,
  • comments on some books orthodoxy practice yoga and read.
  • If you send video files may not be larger than 20 MB.

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